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Throughout My High School Experience, I Volunteer At Many

Throughout my high school experience, I volunteer at many places where I learned my skills and gained important knowledge. I volunteered at MEND, Youth Speak, Strength United, Mobilizing Communities for Healthy Relationships event, and organizing senior graduations for my school. I learned a lot from these opportunities, however, volunteering at Cesar Chavez Humanitas Academy for my Service Learning project was a unique experience. Furthermore, what made this experience unique was that I had the opportunity to learn networking, report writing, and time management skills that have helped me in the present and will help me in the future as well. To begin with, Cesar Chavez Humanitas Academy is the name of the high school I attended.†¦show more content†¦My 9th grade biology teacher also comforted me with words of advice to me about my nursing career path. It was nice knowing that I can still count on them whenever a necessity, emergency and/or even an achievement presents itself throughout my personal and academic path. Besides gaining networking skills, I also obtained report writing skills during my volunteer experience. How I mentioned before, counselor Lastre gave me a task of helping him with his students’ transcripts reports. At the beginning of the project, I was anxious about the outcomes at last, which is a usual feeling I get when I receive tasks either at work, at school, or in general, the reason might be my perfectionist attitude about returning excellent satisfactory results. My task was to transfer information such as grades, complete, incomplete, and needed classes, and the number of units completed to the sheets of 200 sophomore and junior students. Counselor Lastre provided me with directions and how to perform my task, I forced myself to grow confidence in me since I was worried about not finalizing or returning poor results at the end. I stayed committed, and as a result, I could finalize the assignment on time without facing obstacles within the process. Counselor Lastre was satisfied with my results, and thanked me for the help I provided since he was behind andShow MoreRelatedService Learning : A Good Place For All Of Us1604 Words   |  7 Pagesreflection to enrich learning experiences, teach civic responsibility, and strengthen communities. Fortunately, I’ve had the opportunity to volunteer at the Middletown YMCA as an Academic Tutor and the Mental Health Association as a Crisis Intervention counselor. Helping out an innumerable amount of people through service learning has made me learn a considerable amount about others and most importantly, myself. Having done a lot community service throughout high school and with the Honors ProgramRead MoreEssay on High School Internships1528 Words   |  7 PagesHigh School Internships When thinking about graduating high school and going into college, do you ever think that you will get a job right when you graduate? Yes that may be the case for some individuals but for the more technical jobs and the ones that require more schooling for, look for student who have experience with their major. It is important to know the different internships that are offered throughout high school and college. Browsing through the Missoula hospitals web pages I found informationRead MoreBenefits Of Volunteering At St. David s Medical Center848 Words   |  4 Pagesincorporates so many things: giving money, giving food, giving clothes, giving gifts, etc. Personally, I see time as the most significant thing one can give to others. Volunteering is, at its core, giving your time to help others. Volunteering has always been a big part of my life; at a younger age I would help the ladies in the cafeteria serve lunch after Sunday school and clean up the main hall afterwards, in high school I was in organizations that presented me with ample opportunities to volunteer, and presentlyRead MoreDr. Martin Luther King Jr.1264 Words   |  6 Pages1 What has been your journey, the key experiences, and decisions that have brought you to this point? (2000 min characters, 3000 max) Leaders in public service possess so much power in influencing the way people think, act, and feel. People such as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. who was a pioneer in the civil rights movement, helped lead a community of people who were oppressed gain civil liberties. Gloria Steinem helped catapult the women’s liberation movement, and Mother Theresa who was known forRead MoreThe Mystic Aquarium And Institute For Exploration1504 Words   |  7 PagesAll my life I have been exposed to the sea through family trips to Hampton Beach to frequent trips to the Mystic Aquarium. That exposure is what led to my fascination for animals and the ocean. This fascination grew into a passion for the sea and that led me to start seeking different experiences to widen my knowledge. This included Volunteering for the Mystic Aquarium, choosing to go to school at the University of Rhode Island and eventually to applying for a chance to be involved with the top organizationRead MorePersonal Narrativ e Rough Draft : Choosing A Career Is Not An Easy Task864 Words   |  4 PagesChoosing a career is not an easy task. As a child, I never knew what I eventually wanted to grow up to be, but in the back of my mind I would always say a teacher because I come from a long history of teachers in my family. One of my grandpas was a high school math teacher along with coaching the football team. My aunt is an elementary school substitute teacher specializing in special needs students, while my uncle is a high school history teacher. While, my father is a physical education teacher who hasRead More4/9/2014 It is unbelievable that I will be a senior next year and will be graduating. Currently700 Words   |  3 Pagesunbelievable that I will be a senior next year and will be graduating. Currently as a junior, it seems like these past three years have significantly contributed to my development. When I first arrived at Waverly High School, I knew little of many skills that were needed to be a successful student. Having parents that were from a foreign country who didn’t speak English as their primary language and being the oldest sibling, it made it difficult for me to get help during challenging times in school. HoweverRead MoreMy Trip With Outdoor Adventure Club1354 Words   |  6 PagesAs I sit in the car on the way back from the Yosemite trip with Outdoor Adventure Club this weekend, I struggle to think of my â€Å"motif† of my life. This is an essay assignment at Menlo College, and I keep thinking of what I want in life to find my motif. I stare out of the window l ooking at the big mountains, thinking really hard about what my goal is for my life. I feel so small physically and mentally in such a big, natural place because it wasn’t manmade and is not the result of planned human choicesRead MoreEducation And The Global Studies Foundation998 Words   |  4 PagesEducation gave me the competence to independently seek out information and pass my knowledge to others. Most importantly, it allows me to help others to continue to pursue an education. I will extend my education by attending Central Connecticut State University. In college, I will pursue a bachelor’s degree in Political Science/Public Administration with a double minor in Journalism and Criminal Justice. I will use what I learned in college to become involved in the Global Studies Foundation. TheirRead MoreCommunity Service At Northview Church1063 Words   |  5 PagesCommunity Service is not strange to me because I have been doing community service at Northview Church since the beginning of my sophomore year in high school. When I saw the assignment that I have to complete 4 hours of community services, I knew that Northview church was my first choice. Northview church was found by Tommy Paino in October 1980. There were only 30 people in the cafeteria of Carmel Elementary School where they formed the church which later become Northview Church. Three years later

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