Thursday, June 4, 2020

Some Key Elements Of Investigating The Case Of The Vanishing Blonde - 825 Words

Some Key Elements Of Investigating: The Case Of The Vanishing Blonde (Book Report Sample) Content: The Case of the Vanishing BlondeNameInstitution The Case of the Vanishing BlondeThe article talks about a 21 years old woman who was vigorously raped, beaten and left for dead in Everglades. The worst thing is that she cannot recall who raped and beaten her. She was seen barely naked by a local power company employee when he saw her sleeping unconscious. The main aim of the investigator is to find out who did such an act to her. There are some key elements of investigating the young woman such as finding out who is behind all that. On the other hand, the investigator uses various elements of investigations such as policies, witness interviews, essential documents, and evidence as well as timeliness. The private investigator used fixed policy by finding out what exactly happened to the young lady. He wanted to know where the act occurred and how the woman moved from the hotel without CCTV seeing or recording her (Jessica, 2016). The private investigator has a lot of qu estion running through his mind, for instance, had the act happened inside the hotel, had she slipped met her assailant in secret place, was she a simple victim, or was she a prostitute?. The investigator also used witness interviews. Investigator interviewed the woman, and the woman claimed that two Hispanic men are the one who raped and accosted her while in her room. Police investigators tried their best to get the evidence by combining the hotel room the woman was for proof, interviewing all employees in the hotel, finding images from security cameras in the morning of the act and checking the guest list (Prather, 2014). However, it could take a long duration of time for detectives to run checks since the hotel had 174 rooms and there are many people who checked in and out. Under relevant evidence and documents, the private investigator Foote, carried out investigation and examined the test of the semen that was discovered inside the victim and discovered that, Michael Jones is the one who raped her according to the DNA evidence. Foote lawfully charged Jones with various criminal acts involving ...

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